Job Description

Job Title: Clerk
Reports To: The Master, and through the Master, to the Court
Line Management: Beadle [and Stewards]
Committees: In attendance at Court and certain Committees (listed below) making sure Minutes are recorded accurately:


Master and Wardens

Charitable Foundation

Effective liaison with the                   Communications, Investment, Charity and Historical Committees


Location: The Livery has no Hall and meets at the Halls of other City Livery Companies. The Clerk works from home, plus attending other locations (usually City or West End based)

Dress Code:                                        Business attire or evening wear as appropriate

Accommodation:                                 There is no accommodation provided.

Principal Responsibilities:

  • Day to day management of the Feltmakers Livery
  • Advising and supporting the Master and the four Wardens
  • Organising Livery Dinners
  • Ensuring timely production of all Agendas and Minutes from all Committees within the Clerk’s responsibility (noted above) as well as Court meetings and providing relevant information to such meetings to assist the Court and committees in reaching their decisions.
  • Liaison with other Committees (noted above) including assisting the Communications Committee as it discharges its responsibilities for communications within the livery and externally as necessary.
  • Preparing the annual Livery budget for approval by the Court
  • Day-to-day financial control and budget management of the Livery
  • Record keeping – Financial, Membership (the Clerk prepares a Livery List for members every second year), Data protection compliance and records of any other significant issues
  • General administration
  • Liaison with the membership
  • Support and contribution to the strategic plan of the Company as it evolves
  • Maintenance and development of the Company’s reputation
  • Maintaining an awareness of the Charter, Bye-Laws, Ordinances and Working Practices (collectively the “Constitution”) as may be applicable to the Company and ensuring strict adherence thereto, and recommending changes as and when required
  • The Clerk will join the Fellowship of Clerks of Livery Companies (which holds three Meetings a year) with the Company paying the subscription. The Fellowship provides a useful way of obtaining information as to practices of other City Companies.


Candidate Skills/Attributes/Experience: 

Essential and strong evidence of:

  1. Strong verbal and written communication skills
  2. Good business, financial and IT skills
  3. Financial/budget responsibility
  4. Empathy for the traditions and ceremony of the City of London
  5. Good people skills (staff and members)
  6. Well organised and decisive
  7. Strong leadership skills
  8. Interest in charitable work
  9. Patience and respect to deal with members whose ideas may not fit Clerk’s own
  10. Ability and confidence to work with people at all levels (good team player).
  11. Effective event management
  12. Willingness to work flexibly including evening events where necessary
  13. Having undertaken roles which required strategic thinking and have had measurable success
  14. Having held leadership responsibility for an organisation of a similar size or larger.



  • Membership organisation experience
  • Good empathy with the Hat making industry.


Reason for hire:

After 20 years our existing Clerk is retiring at the end of 2020.  Applications are welcomed from appropriately qualified and experienced candidates to continue the good work and drive the Company successfully into the future.

Career opportunity:   

The Feltmakers Company, whilst long-established, is a small and flexible organisation, and so this is the ideal position for a professional individual to make their mark within City/Livery circles. We seek a Clerk who will combine an element of dynamism and energy with the ability to value and maintain tradition and will help ensure continuation and growth of the life of this Livery company, with enthusiastic support and commitment to its charity work.

Candidate Profile:

We seek a confident and able individual who can maintain and enhance the life of the Company, as well as handling the organisational aspects of an established social programme. These responsibilities will require good IT skills as well as sound administrative ability. The individual will be able to work under pressure with the ability to deliver against agreed strategies. Hence, they will be well organised and used to planning well ahead and identifying issues requiring resolution, and addressing them successfully, consulting where necessary.

The ideal candidate will be good at delivering first class events and looking after collective members’ interests. The role will require the Clerk to develop and maintain good and positive relationships (respected by the Master and other Court members and members of the Company, and by the leadership teams of other Liveries).

The Clerk will also need to develop and maintain the respect of the Committee chairs and their teams. This will be measured by their recognition of the Clerk’s accessibility and support.

The role requires the Clerk to be socially adept, positive, supportive and enthusiastic but capable of saying, “No” nicely and with good reason.

The role is both proactive and reactive with bias towards someone who is comfortable with following established practices but recognises when they should be challenged. The Clerk will need to follow Court requirements / instructions, be extremely responsive to members and someone who answers emails, responds to voice mails, and produces minutes, promptly. The Clerk will be someone upon whom the whole membership can depend.


Further information about the Clerk’s Role and Responsibilities

  • The Clerk is responsible to the Master and the Court for ensuring that a budget and plan for the Company (incorporating the objectives agreed by the Court for each calendar year) are produced and delivered, and that the on-going financial, administrative and ceremonial matters are delivered efficiently and effectively, in accordance with Company policy, good City Livery practices and procedures and with the Constitution.
  • Organising and planning the Master’s Livery commitments, well in advance, is essential to the effective conduct of the Master’s role. The Clerk is expected to assist the Master (and prospective Master) by helping them to be aware well in advance of such potential commitments and to assist in prioritising them, and to assist in identifying where related opportunities of potential benefit for the Livery may exist. Further information about organisations and arrangements are often needed before those events occur, and the Clerk is expected to assist with briefing on these matters.
  • The Clerk will normally accompany the Master when representing the Company at other City and Livery events, especially during the first few months of the Master’s tenure where the Master has no previous experience of the role of Master. The Clerk will offer guidance on matters defined within the duties of the Master, including etiquette and ceremonial. There may be other events or functions in connection with the Livery or Committees of the Court which the Clerk will be expected to attend from time to time.
  • The Clerk will liaise with the Chairman of the Communications Committee, supporting their maintenance of the Company’s website, social media, magazine and any other communications to liverymen.
  • The Clerk will be able to act as a spokesperson for the Company when this is appropriate, first liaising with the Master or the Livery Committee on issues which are likely to be major or far-reaching.
  • The Clerk maintains liaison with HMS Lancaster or such other service unit of the Armed Forces as is associated with or sponsored by the Company
  • The Clerk shall, either personally or through the Beadle, conduct such ceremonial duties as are required from time to time, including at the annual Carol Service.
  • The Clerk is responsible, in conjunction with the Master, for investigating possible venues for Livery functions, selecting the menu and the wines, and liaising with the authorities at the chosen location and the caterers. Prior to each function they will prepare a cost estimate and agree the price of the tickets with the Master. The Clerk is also responsible for circulating details to the Livery or Court (as the case may be), issuing invitations, preparing Table Plans, Menu Cards and Place Cards (all as appropriate to the occasion) and for briefing speakers, as well as making all other arrangements including advising the Master and Wardens of those who will be attending.
  • The Clerk maintains the books of the Company and will ensure that all necessary vouchers are obtained and available for the full annual audit of the Company’s books each year by the Company’s Auditors, who prepare the final accounts for submission to the Court. The Clerk also prepares an annual V.A.T. Return and Tax Return with the assistance of the Auditors.
  • The Company’s main income is from Quarterage, paid annually by Liverymen. The Clerk is responsible for collection of Quarterage and administers the direct debit system by which it is generally paid, or by means of electronic transfer to the Company’s bank account, or by cheque. The Clerk is also responsible for collecting income from Liverymen in connection with their attendance at functions during the year, payment being made in the same way as quarterage. The Clerk is also responsible for settling accounts for the costs of the functions so organized, and for preparing accounts showing the financial outcome of each function
  • Lead responsibility for the Livery’s financial matters lies with the Renter Warden, who is kept informed by the Clerk on financial matters affecting the Company and about functions and meetings where that Warden’s attendance is desirable.
  • The Clerk is responsible for compiling the list of some former members (Pensioner Hatters) of the hatting trade and after approval then distributing the pensioner grants to them. The Clerk also receives and vets, together with the Trustees, other applications for assistance which are received from individuals from time to time.
  • The Clerk will lead such projects, as are from time to time, allocated to her/him by the Master and Court.
  • The Clerk will support the activities of Committees and will attend (or ensure they are fully briefed) on any Committee meeting where discussion is likely on issues which might be important in the context of the Company’s reputation or standing or on other major matters falling within the Clerk’s Principal Accountabilities or likely to impact adversely on the Objectives or the budgets predicated under para. 1 above.
  • The Clerk will also be available for consultation with Chairmen of Committees or Panels on matters of an important or urgent nature where, through absence, the matter cannot be satisfactorily sorted out by the Master.
  • Where necessary, the Clerk will act as the primary interface with the Company Insurers and the Company lawyers, except in relation to his or her own responsibilities.
  • The Clerk shall, at the request of the Master and Wardens, suggest Liverymen suitable for election as Assistants to the Court and Stewards.
  • The Clerk should at all times recognise that the Company’s members are akin to valued customers, treating them with diplomacy and demonstrating positivity and enthusiasm.
  • The Clerk recognises that the nature of the role can change its focus or emphasis from time to time and will be open to consultation with the Master and the Wardens as to any improvements which need to be made. With this in mind the Clerk will remain open to discussion on, and will give effect to, changes to the Working Practices, which are recommended by the Court for the good of the Company and its reputation in the Livery community.
  • Consistent with the Company having officially endorsed and adopted the City Obligation as provided by the City Values Forum, the Clerk undertakes to treat others as she/he would wish to be treated, with honesty and integrity, in the spirit of the traditional City principle that “My Word is my Bond”.
  • The Clerk will be expected to achieve a high standard of performance The Clerk’s annual appraisal will be undertaken by the Master with the Chair of the Charitable Foundation. The Clerk will need to demonstrate her/his fulfilment of the Principal Responsibilities.


Even more detailed descriptions of duties are available for candidates invited to attend interview, on request. However, this additional detail, whilst helpful to someone taking up the duties of the Clerk and hence relevant to the effective discharge of responsibilities, has already been described in overall terms in the above narrative.

Please send all applications to Anne Mannix via email on