The Feltmaker Banquet 2024

The Feltmaker Banquet 2024

This great annual event will take place on 6th June 2024 at the Mansion House, and is one of the highlights on the calendar, a great event in the City of London. Few are fortunate enough to experience the amazing surroundings of the home of the Lord Mayor, and to dine in the Egyptian Hall. No misappropriated artefacts from the Nile here, but there is an amazing collection of Dutch Masters on the walls as you enter the great hall.


Guests dress in White Tie or Black Tie and invite tables of guests. It is truly a memorable occasion, with the Lord Mayor invited as the honorable guest of the Feltmakers, in his own home. Please join this fun occasion, registering with the Clerk. Those survivors with energy left often end up in the after party at The Ned.


Please register with the Clerk to attend this exceptional Livery event, and you are encouraged to bring guests.


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