Charitable Support

The Feltmakers Company Today

Today the Feltmakers Company is a modern, thriving and very relevant influencer of the modern trades and international business. The Hat-making and Millinery industries in the UK represent the very highest standards of quality, design, high fashion and craftsmanship in the world. These businesses export globally and generate considerable revenues for the UK economy. 

Additionally, new innovation with modern felt applications continues to evolve, the product is used for insulation in automotive and space technologies, in modern buildings for both sound and heat insulation and for water filtration, largely in developing countries. Synthetic felt is also being researched and developed at British universities working with leading industry-expert manufacturers, which generates new patents, innovations and commercial growth.

The Company promotes and runs its own Industry-leadingFeltmaker Design Awards, where we mentor young designers and apprentices through Universities and Colleges, with entrants from across the globe winning substantial cash prizes and recognition. This provides opportunity and exposure to up-and-coming designers, craftsmen and women, to showcase their talents and to gain guidance, help and advice from world leading manufacturers and designers with real world knowledge and experience. The Livery also showcases its work at Charitable events in London, often at events with the wider Livery movement. 

In 2023, this included the bi-annual Red Cross Christmas Market in the Guildhall Old Library, where the company showcases and sells hats made by local milliners and members of the Company.

The Company’s Charitable and Philanthropic works, and the City 

The City of London Corporation and Livery Companies are major charity donors and promoters of old and new traditional crafts, industries as well as key modern City services. Livery Companies have close working relationships, and cooperation is often achieved through Sport. the Feltmakers, for example, organise and run the Inter-Livery Tennis Competition at Queens Club annually.

Property and Assets have been acquired over the long history of the Company through legacies, donations and bequests (including property). This is effectively managed by fund management specialists within the Company and generates considerable income for charitable use. 

The Livery has a historic affiliation with Type 23 Destroyer HMS Lancaster, currently stationed in the Gulf, protecting shipping lanes and carrying out other important duties for the Navy. We support the Officers and Crew and their families and dependents, conduct visits to ships and naval support locations, and welcome senior officers to the Livery, as Honorary Feltmakers.

Our commitment to Charitable giving is fundamental. This has changed from simply giving cash donations, to active engagement and participation by our members, using their professional skills and talents which can help and assist our charities. Likewise, sometimes simply providing extra ‘pairs of hands’ is what a charity needs. This provides members of the Company with a good opportunity to work at grass roots level and to understand the fundamental needs of a charity organisation, it is also immensely fulfilling. 

Amongst many others, the Company supports Treloars College and Brain Tumour Research

The Company’s reach is global with a number of International relationships, especially the Swiss Guild of Weavers, the Zunft zur Waag. Our members visit them in Zurich and they visit us in London, we all appreciate the traditions and protocols of these exchanges and camaraderie.