Our Charity

The Feltmakers Charitable Foundation (Registered in England Charity Registration No. 259906)


The Worshipful Company of Feltmakers of London have always had a tradition of charitable giving. The present Foundation was formed by the Worshipful Company of Feltmakers in the 1960’s as a Registered charity and subsequently older and other charitable funds with Charity Commission approval were merged into the Foundation. Under the present Trustees it is very much focused on the 21st Century supporting charitable objectives where needed and relevance are identified at the outset.

The Company’s Charitable and Philanthropic works, and the City

The City of London Corporation and Livery Companies are major charity donors and promoters of old and new traditional crafts, industries as well as key modern City services. Livery Companies have close working relationships, and cooperation is often achieved through Sport, the Feltmakers, for example, organise and run the Inter-Livery Tennis Competition at Queens Club annually. All the proceeds of which got to charity.

Property and Assets, historically the Feltmakers’ Company has benefitted from, legacies, donations and bequests including property which is effectively managed and generates considerable income for charitable use. 

The Feltmakers have a historic affiliation with a type 23 Destroyer being HMS Lancaster, currently in refit, we support the Officers and Crew and their families and dependents.

Our commitment to Charitable giving is fundamental, this has changed from simply giving cash donations, to now active engagement and participation by our members. Who through using their own professional skills and talents can help and assist our charities. Likewise, sometimes simply providing extra ‘pairs of hands’ is what the charity needs and this provides members of the Company with a good opportunity to work at grass roots level and to really understand the needs of the organisation, it is also immensely fulfilling. 

Amongst many others, the Company supports Treloars College and Helen Arkell Dyslexia Charity.

The Company’s reach is global with a number of International relationships, especially the Swiss Guild of Feltmakers. Our members visit them in Zurich and they visit us in London, we all appreciate the traditions and protocols of these exchanges and camaraderie.

Videos – The ‘Art and Mystery of Feltmaking’.

For the Annual Reports and Financial Statements of the Feltmakers’ Charitable Foundation, please click on the following link : https://www.feltmakers.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2023/11/20230331_FELTMAKERS_CHARITABLE_FOUNDATION_REPORTS_ACCOUNTS.pdf

Achievement Of Objectives

This is sought by the Charity Trustees, who comprise the Chairman of Trustees, the Master, the Treasurer and members drawn from the Livery.


By will

The Foundation has received from deceased Liverymen a number of generous legacies. Leaving a legacy to charity in a will is a very tax efficient gift. It will suffice to have a simple clause in your will.

We suggest the following clause could be used:

“I give to the Trustees of The Feltmakers Charitable Foundation (Registered charity No. 259906) care of the Clerk to the Trustees at 13 Birch Close, Farnham, Surrey, GU10 4TJ the sum of x pounds (£ ). The receipt of the said Clerk to the Trustees shall be sufficient discharge of my executors and trustees”.

Life-time Gifts

By Gift-Aid

Donations are always welcome and lifetime gifts to the Foundation are very tax efficient for the donor.

Charity Support

  • The Feltmakers Design Awards (annually)
  • Pensioner Hatters
  • Promotion of Aspects of Feltmaking whether supporting current research and/or historical aspects of Feltmaking.
  • City of London based charities.
  • Charitable endeavours of individual liverymen of the Feltmakers Company.


The Trustees are grateful to individual Liverymen for creating fund-raising opportunities for this Charity

For enquiries about the Foundation please contact:

The Clerk to the Trustees, 13 Birch Close, Farnham, Surrey, GU10 4TJ.