Master’s 2011 Charity Event

Master’s 2011 Charity Event

The Master’s charity event, this year in aid of the Iain Rennie Hospice at Home, was held in the Osborne Samuel art gallery on Bruton Street.  The charity was kindly represented by patron and BBC television presenter Bill Turnbull.

The event was very well attended by Feltmakers and friends alike.  We were able to wander freely around the gallery, which specializes in British artists and were treated to a wide ranging exhibition of some fascinating works of art.  The exhibits ranged from the sculptures of Lynn Chadwick, which are the gallery’s main exhibition at the moment and Henry Moore to paintings by a variety of artists and a selection of the incredible photos of Tim Flack.

Lynn Chadwick sculptures at the Osborne Samuel Gallery

Peter Osborne, the gallery owner, who had generously allowed us to use the gallery for the evening, gave us a fascinating introduction to some of the pieces on display as well as an insight in to the building itself and the secret passages on to Bond Street to aid the escape of mistresses, although there were a couple of members of the audience who were more interested in rain free access to Bond Street shopping through the passages.

Bill Turnbull then talked to us about the Iain Rennie Hospice at Home charity and its origins in 1985 with 5 nurses who, having helped to look after Iain Rennie at home, with his family, in the final weeks of his illness, decided to set up the hospice at home charity to allow terminal cancer patients to be cared for in the comfort of their own home.  Bill also told us of the important work that the charity is doing now and, with generous donations from events such as this, will hopefully be able to carry on doing for the foreseeable future.  I think Bill may also have convinced a few devout Radio 4 listeners to try his television programme in the mornings instead.

Finally I would like to echo the thanks of the Master to Peter Osborne for allowing us to use his gallery, to Bill Turnbull for agreeing to come along to represent the charity and to both for talking so eloquently to us and of course, to the caterers who were constantly on hand with food and Champagne.  I would also like to add the thanks of all present to the Master for organising the event which has so far raised approximately £4000 for Iain Rennie Hospice at Home.  If there are any Feltmakers who were unable to attend but would like to donate to this incredibly worthy cause the funds would be most gratefully received.

Chris Ray


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