Livery Society Dinner 2018

Livery Society Dinner 2018

The dinner was well attended

This year’s Livery Society Dinner was held in the Peninsular and Waterloo Rooms of the Cavalry & Guards Club, and was well attended with 35 diners including the Master and our gallant Clerk, to whom thanks must go for arranging for us to dine at the Club. The food and wine were excellent; given the surroundings, the Chairman of the Livery Society thought it appropriate to begin the evening with an opening salvo of excellent English sparkling wine, Three Graces Chapel Down, before taking on the French in the guise of an Andre Dezat Sancerre in a brief skirmish with our Potted Shrimp, followed by a full on assault on Chateau Méaume with our Rack of Lamb. When the thunder and smoke of the heavy cannon of lamb and claret gave way, our palettes were soothed by a delightfully light orange crème brulée with an unctuous Baumes de Venise. The evening was known to have been a success by the time we toasted Her Majesty with a Fonseca and were entertained with some of the Master’s war stories from the Old Bailey.

The Livery Society Dinner is an excellent opportunity for newer members of the Livery to dine slightly less formally than at our City dinners, and many thanks to the Master and Members of the Court who attended this year’s dinner.

Jeremy Bedford


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