Jailed and Bailed 2015 in aid of the Red Cross

Jailed and Bailed 2015 in aid of the Red Cross

Bailed and Jailed 2015 IMG_9874 (2)In June, your Master was one of 20 Masters who, dressed in full livery regalia, were arrested at Mansion House on a variety of trumped up charges which were read out by the Sheriffs, Andrew Parmley and Fiona Adler. We were then taken into custody at the Tower of London, escorted by a platoon of Yeoman Warders armed with pikes. Fortunately, each Master had been able to produce the required bail in the form of a minimum of £1,000 of donations to the British Red Cross and was therefore released. The exercise raised a total of £33,000 for the British Red Cross of which £2,725 was raised by your Master thanks to the generous support of his Wardens and a number of other concerned friends.Jailed and Bailed 2015 IMG_9884 (2)

Edward Hutton


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