Clay shoot 2014 DSC01133
Peter, Jollyon and William

The day was very well attended, some four hundred contestants competing.

Our Feltmakers’ Team consisting of our Clerk Jollyon Coombs, Peter Winfield, William Battersby and your correspondent, who collectively put in a solid performance against some very serious competition, the Gun Makers having fielded eight Teams – a record I wonder – and the Grocer’s Team producing,in part, a near perfect example of Clay shooting from one of their Team.

For the Feltmakers a very confident start set the tone for some highly commendable scores with William Battersby proving that shooting only once a year need be no drawback to producing some very good scores indeed. Jollyon was in excellent form; it must be all the rowing training, coupled with the beady eye of a seasoned shot, to produce the one full score for round nine and Peter Winfield and your author, putting in a joint determined effort to bring in, in the main ten shoot stands, a very worthy score of 206, a rate of 51%, . Collectively, in the Team Flush event, your Team produced a very respectable score of 61 out of a possible 80, a rate of 76.2%; thereby giving The Feltmakers’ Team an overall score rate of 55.6%.

All in all a most enjoyable day, during which the weather was kind, the shooting, whilst perhaps not producing the kill rate of the OK corral, was entirely satisfactory and the convivial Lunch which followed was flawless as usual.

Next year two Teams perhaps?

Bill Gammell