Rather a bad start – I’d forgotten that I’d agreed to write a report of the Spring Livery Dinner. Suddenly remembered with a jolt. Phew! Looked out the evening togs, plus a bright shawl in case it would get parky at Apothecaries’ Hall, then looked up how to get there on Apple Maps, as it’s one of those Halls you think you know how to get to until all of a sudden it just disappears from where you thought it was. But there it was, on the left, down a squiggly lane towards Blackfriars Bridge.

Found it, and joined the throng, waiting downstairs for the Court meeting to finish upstairs. I was introduced to our newest Freeman, Fleur, who, having been in medicine prior to being a milliner, and who was fascinated to be at Apothecaries’ Hall. I very much like the milling around at the beginning as it’s a chance to meet up with everyone, although at the meal itself you can have some proper conversations, of course.

On entering the Dining Hall, we were surrounded by dark wooden panelling, portraits, long tables, a crush of black tie, beautiful frocks, happy people. Good wine and a particularly good vegetarian choice, ending with a most beautiful rainbow plate of fruit.

John Horn proposed the toast to the guests, and the main speaker was Alan Bird, the Head of the City of London School, where our Master had been educated just a year or two previously (ahem). Several other Old Boys of the school (were they called Citizens?) were among the guests that evening. Alan Bird spoke most entertainingly and well. There was much mention of sporting prowess, which the Head claimed had rather passed him by. The Master replied, finishing with a terrific racing joke which I’m recycling now among my friends with all my might.

I drifted off back home before the stirrup cup, a kind Feltmaker friend offered to walk me home through the dark alleys, but I’m tough as old boots and declined, with grace I hope. I returned with tales of

another splendid evening with the Feltmakers, beautifully organised, smoothly run, and as always, fun!



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