A Warm Welcome at the Oriental for the Livery Society Dinner

A Warm Welcome at the Oriental for the Livery Society Dinner

On the evening of Monday 31st January, we met at the Oriental Club, almost two years since my last Feltmaker event; and for many a similar experience. Over convivial pre-dinner drinks, there was much laughter and catching up between friends and a real sense of finally returning to some sense of normality….

Assistant, Simon Wood, had organised a wonderful dinner of spiced cauliflower soup, Beef Bourguignon, treacle tart and, so I’m told, some fine wines (we met on the final day of dry January for me). Such was the large uptake of the evening, we were tightly squeezed onto a table in our own private dining room, which is the Club’s impressive Library.

The Master started his speech with a rather witty joke about Donald Trump, thus proving that those will not get old any time soon; as well as a brief history of the livery companies and anecdotes on trains and a recent former Shadow Chancellor.

As always, the smaller and more intimate gathering of Feltmakers allowed for meeting of newer members of the Livery, and for some, the first in-person meeting of our new Clerk. Carriages and push bikes were delayed long after dinner as conversation carried on into the atrium: so much to say after so long.

Adrian Gubby


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