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Carols by Candlelight 2016

St. Clement’s Day Lunch at Atherstone

Design Award 2016

Installation Dinner 2016

Inter-Livery Tennis Tournament 2016

Master’s 2016 Thames Walk Challenge

The Master’s 2016 Charity Event at the Tower of London

Livery Lunch 2016 – Feltmakers thank retiring Chaplain, Colin Semper

The Feltmakers’ Banquet 2016

Pairs Cricket Competition 2016

Golf 2016

Inter-Livery Clay Pigeon Shooting Competition 2016

Spring Livery Dinner 2016

Inter-Livery Bridge competition 2016

The Livery Society Dinner 2016

Luton Lunch 2016

Feltmakers’ Lodge White Table Evening

The Master’s Plough Monday Dinner 2016

We welcome to the Livery in 2016 ……….

Carol Service 2015

Installation Dinner October 2015

Inter-Livery Tennis Tournament 2015

Bridport Hat Festival 3 – 6 September 2015

The Livery Lunch 2015

The Feltmakers’ Design Award 2015

Inter-Livery Clay Pigeon Shoot 2015

The 2015 Banquet at Mansion House

Jailed and Bailed 2015 in aid of the Red Cross

Feltmakers’ Pairs Cricket Competition 2015

Inter Livery Golf 2015 – Prince Arthur Cup

Master’s Golf Day 2015

What’s my Wine – the Master’s 2015 Charity Event

We welcome to the Livery in 2015 ……………..

Spring Livery Dinner 2015

Inter-Livery Bridge Competition 2015

Feltmakers on board HMS Lancaster from Portsmouth to Liverpool – February 2015

Feltmakers’ Archives Presentation

Livery Society Dinner 2015

Luton Lunch 2015

The Carol Service 2014

Lord Mayor’s Show 2014

Installation Dinner 2014

The Feltmakers’ Autumn e-newsletter

The Great Glen Challenge 2014

Inter-Livery Tennis Tournament 2014

HMS Lancaster Affiliates’ Day, July 2014

Feltmakers stay on board HMS Lancaster – Spring 2014

Feltmakers’ Banquet 2014

Livery Lunch 2014

The Feltmakers’ Design Award 2014

Inter-Livery Clay Pigeon Shoot 2014

Inter-Livery Golf Competition 2014

Pairs Cricket Competition 2014

Spring Livery Dinner 2014

The Inter-Livery Bridge competition 2014

Spring 2014 enewsletter

Winter 2013 enewsletter

Luton Lunch 2014

The Feltmakers’ Lodge White Table Evening 2014

Livery Society Dinner 2014

Plough Monday 2014

Presentation of the Lord Mayor’s Hat 2013

We welcome to the Livery in 2014…

Carol Service 2013

Installation Dinner 2013

Past Master Commander John Curteis, RD, DL, RNR, July 1941 to September 2013

Inter-Livery Tennis Competition 2013

Master’s Golf Day 2013

Autumn 2013 enewsletter

Livery Lunch 2013

The Feltmakers’ Whitebait Lunch 16 June 2013

The Feltmakers’ Banquet 2013

Pairs Cricket Competition 2013

Inter-Livery Clay Pigeon Shoot 2013

Inter-Livery Golf Tournament 2013

The Master’s Charity Day at Ascot 2013

Past Master Patrick Burgess MBE, High Sheriff of West Sussex

Spring Livery Dinner April 2013

The Feltmakers’ Design Awards 2013

His Honour Keith Devlin PhD 1933-2012

Visit to HMS Lancaster at West India Quay 2013

Luton Lunch 2013

Plow Monday Dinner 2013

The Feltmakers’ Carol Service 2012

And we welcome to the Livery in 2013….

Presenting the Lord Mayor’s Hat 2012

An Act for the Relief of Hatmakers and Hatbandmakers 1649

The Livery Society Dinner November 2012

Installation Dinner 2012

Livery Lunch on the River 2012

Inter-Livery Tennis Competition 2012

Liveryman Frederick Fox LVO

The Master’s Visit to HMS Lancaster July 2012

The Feltmakers’ Banquet 2012

The Feltmakers’ Pairs Cricket Competition 2012

Prince Arthur of Connaught Inter-Livery Golf Tournament 2012

The Master’s Golf Day 2012

The Master’s Visit to Windsor Castle

InterLivery Clay Shooting Competition 2012

Springtime at Ascot

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